Product Design

We've changed our name! Please visit our new website at 6kproducts.com

  We offer custom product design to turn your ideas into reality. Our CAD and CAE abilities include 3D solid modeling, kinematics modeling, and finite element analysis. When combined with our manufacturing expertise we can design and build your idea.

 For examples of some of the thing we have designed and built visit our About page. For more information please call us at 360-264-2141.

Current Design Projects

12,000 psi Relief Valve
For an image please click here.

7,000 psi Pilot Operated Check
For an image please click here.

Completed Design Projects

 Texturing tool for applying a pleasing 3D finish to surfaces
For an image of the tool please click here.

Cover and dog handler for composting facility.
For an image of the cover click here. For an image of the dog click here.

Steve Morris’ stump splitter
For an image please click here.

Air cooled camera lenses

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Last updated on 3/16/10