Hydraulic Chain Saws

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  We manufacture hydraulic chain saws for many applications. Our 3/8-404 models are for you to adapt to your application, or we can custom build a unit to do your job. Click Here to view some of our custom chain saws.

   The PC 5 is a 5 hp saw designed for pruning, carving, or bucking. To see a prototype click on the above link to the custom chain saw page.

   Our standard Hydraulic Chain Saws use motors with 10 to 30 gallons per minute. The input is 2,000 psi working pressure. The .404 chain is standard, but other pitches are optional. Your choice of sprockets between 12 to 16 teeth. Bar mount is standard. Note: unit ships without bar or chain.

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Standard Hydraulic Chain Saws and Components

Examples of Custom Hydraulic Chain Saws

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Firewood Processor Design Considerations White Paper

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