Heel Rack Attachments

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  We manufacture quick change attachments that can mount to heel rack of your log loader with the addition of two bottom contact plates and two pin eyes. We also supply heel racks that already have the modifications for the attachments. Attachments can be mounted permanently if so desired.

Straight Blade

For building landings and repairing roads.

Straight Blade Attachment

Brush Rake

For scarification and land clearing.

Brush Rake Attachment - Wide

Wide rake

Narrow rake

Brush Rake Attachment - Narrow

Stump Splitter

Reduces grapple maintenance when removing stumps.

Stump Splitter Attachment

Skidding Winch

For picking up logs in small, steep areas. This winch has a 6000 lbs. line pull and a ratchet dog to lock and hold up to 50,000 lbs. of pull. Requires additional hydraulics.

Skidding Winch Attachment

This winch has been permanently mounted on top of the stick boom of a 450 John Deere log loader with a smaller fairlead on the heel rack. If you would like a larger view please click here

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Last updated on 3/16/10